Member Services

Statistical Reports on Imports
 NABI publishes monthly statistical reports. These reports show imports of alcohol beverages into the United States by type of product and by country. These reports are provided free of charge to Members. 

Weekly Highlights 
 Weekly Highlights are published by NABI and are available to Members only. These weekly newsletters report on matters/issues affecting importers of alcohol beverages so that they can import their products as efficiently as possible and avoid problems with regulatory authorities.

Industry Insights and Other Reports
Other Reports are available to Members only and are published whenever an issue arises that can directly or indirectly affect importers of alcohol beverages. These focus on various trade issues from tariffs, trade legislation, trade negotiations, Updates to the trade community from CBP and TTB. Trade issues that affect the ability of Members to import their products are of prime importance to NABI Members. Industry Insights and Import Reports keep Members informed so that they can adjust their business plans accordingly.

Label/Product Approvals
 Importers are required by law to get a Federal label approval from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) for any alcohol beverage the importer intends to import into the United States. Some products also require laboratory analysis before the Federal Government will issue a label approval. The label/product approval process can be a very complex and time-consuming process. NABI assists Members in getting product and label approval. NABI's staff will review the labels and product paperwork for compliance with Federal rules.

Conference Calls on Emerging Trade Issues and Call-in Conversations

Regular conference calls are held for Members to hear about emerging trade policies and developments in Washington, DC, with the EU Commission in Brussels, or the World Trade Organization in Geneva.  NABI staff is available for one-on-one call-in conversations on regulatory issues of concern to Members.  


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Learn more about NABI membership or if you have a question about importing an alcohol beverage into the United States, please do not hesitate to call us at (202) 393-6224.