Membership Overview

NABI members are responsible for a substantial portion of all alcohol beverages imported each year into the United States.

Although most of our members are classified as ACTIVE MEMBER importers, holding Federal Basic Importer’s Permits, we also have an ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP category. This category is for any person, firm, or corporation, interested in importing wines, spirits, and/or malt beverages, who do not qualify for ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP status. If you hold a Federal Basic Importer’s Permit, you must join the association as an ACTIVE MEMBER, whether or not actively importing. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS receive all services offered by the association.

Beer Importers
Beer importers automatically become members of the NABI Beer Committee as soon as their application for membership is approved by the NABI Executive Committee. The NABI Beer Committee focuses its attention on issues of particular importance to beer importers. The principal mission of the NABI Beer Committee is to change state laws and regulations that discriminate against imported beer. During the past year, NABI has been effective in changing laws in Florida and California.

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Learn more about NABI membership or if you have a question about importing an alcohol beverage into the United States, please do not hesitate to call us at (202) 393-6224.