Membership Overview

What is NABI?   Why join NABI now?   Who joins NABI?

The National Association of Beverage Importers, Inc. (NABI) is THE national trade association advocating solely for the business interests of importers of beer, wine, and distilled spirits. Our mandate is a focus on you as an importer! Advocacy and information to advance your business in our Nation’s Capital is what we can give you.

NABI is the voice of alcohol beverage importers since 1935, established shortly after the Repeal of Prohibition. For more than 80 years, NABI has ensured importers receive parity and fairness of treatment with domestic industry members in label approvals, basic permit processing, and excise taxes. Parity means you can compete on a level playing field. Only NABI can advocate the most favorable positions for importers and not have to compromise with those competing interests of domestic producers.  

Joining NABI gets you a voice in your Nation’s Capital to

  • Secure permanently into the future the tax benefits that importers have under the Craft Beverage Modernization Act was extended for one year through 2020. Small importers have seen $100,000 or more in Federal tax savings. Maintains tax parity with domestic producers.
  • Fighting against tariffs on your products that tax consumers and challenge your hard-earned market share.
  • Weekly updates on cutting edge information on developments at TTB, CBP, FDA, and other Federal agencies that impact your daily operations.
  • A DC based organization that will can reach out to TTB, CBP, or FDA, among others, when you have regulatory problems.
  • Giving you timely and direct input on proposed regulations and policies, legislative proposals, and updates on pending litigation on regulatory controls.
  • Educational opportunities through materials and conference calls on new regulations, enforcement policies, and legislation.
  • Outreach to State alcohol regulators on import industry needs.
  • Access to Embassy commercial officials and foreign government trade agencies to help quickly resolve any allegations of quality control deficiencies on the production of imported products.
  • Liaison with alcohol trade associations in exporting countries.
  • Advising on the role of a broker and navigating the three-tier system.

NABI membership covers importers holding a Federal basic permit (who are Active Members) and entities that are interested in and support the beverage alcohol import industry (Associated Members, e.g., customs brokers, compliance consulting firms, law firms, and supply chain vendors, among others). NABI annual dues are calculated based on the volume of imported products and start under $2,000 per year. New members receive a discount. Contact us for more information: Rob Tobiassen, President at (202) 393-6224, or at 

We look forward to welcoming you to the NABI community. Let us network and build our importer industry together.

Membership Categories.

Although most of our members are classified as ACTIVE MEMBER importers, holding Federal Basic Importer’s Permits, we also have an ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP category. This category is for any person, firm, or corporation, interested in importing wines, spirits, and/or malt beverages, who do not qualify for ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP status. If you hold a Federal Basic Importer’s Permit, you must join the association as an ACTIVE MEMBER, whether or not actively importing. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS receive all services offered by the association.

Learn More:

Learn more about NABI membership or if you have a question about importing an alcohol beverage into the United States, please do not hesitate to call us at (202) 393-6224.