Avoid discussing or agreeing on the following topics with any competitor:

Prices, pricing procedures, what constitutes a fair profit level, changes in or stabilization of prices, terms or conditions of sale. Great care must be taken in discussing past prices.

Pricing practices of any industry member.

Forecasts of price increases or decreases.

Specific credit terms, discounts, rebates, freight allowances, profits, profit margins or costs, market shares, allocation of markets, control of sales, sales territories or distribution practices.

Production levels or schedules – or regulation of same.

Bids, or intent to bid, or not bid on a contract.

Selection, rejection, boycott, or termination of one of your suppliers or customers. Refusal to deal with a corporation because of its pricing or distribution practices.

Whether or not the pricing practices of any industry member are unethical, or constitute any unfair trade practice.

Do not exchange price information (or other sensitive business information) with competitors. Be able to show that information obtained on competitors’ prices came from some source other than the competitor.

Do not agree with any competitor to refuse to sell to certain customers, or to buy from certain suppliers.

Do not discuss anything that may in any way tend to affect the availability of products or services.

Do not foster unfair practices involving advertising, merchandising, standardization, certification, or accreditation.

Do not discuss matters that will encourage anyone to refrain from competing.

Do not discuss matters that will limit anyone from manufacture or sale.

Do not discuss matters that could result in illegal brokerage or rebates.

Do not discuss matters that could create improper reciprocity in dealing.

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